Friday, January 27, 2006

Hi there
Having thought about blogging for a while, I thought I would finally get going, having been inspired by some fellow knitters (nickerjac, in particular). So, here are a few shots of some recently completed projects while I figure out how to do this blog thing...

First up, we have a poncho (a Rowan pattern, Rosie) for one of my daughter's friends (knitted as a birthday present). The yarn is Rowan Big Wool in cheeky and I bought it very reasonably on Ebay - I think the colour is discontinued. The fringe is in Colinette Point 5 that I have in my stash (colour slate). This was an easy knit and I can rustle up one of these in a couple of evenings, so they make great gifts if I can get the yarn at a reasonable price.

Second, we have a feather and fan scarf kitted to Wendy's design in Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Merino, Peacock colourway. I loved knitting this, even though it took a long time, because the yarn was gorgeous to knit with and even though the pattern was a simple four-row repeat (and lots of them to make it long enough!) the changing colours of the yarn made it interesting. My mum was thrilled with this (her birthday present) and I felt pleased with how it turned out. I've tried to show some of the detail of the pattern, which is very pretty.
and here's a close-up of the pattern, which shows off the variegated yarn beautifully.