Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Baby blue
I am currently working on some easy knitting - a baby Guernsey for a friend in Madrid. It is a Debbie Bliss pattern from Great Knits for Kids, which I think is a great book as it includes designs for children up to the age of 10, so is a bit more versatile and flexible than some of the publications around now, which often seem to stop at the age of three. I am knitting it in Rowan's True 4-ply botany, which I was lucky enough to find in a charity shop locally. So far I have done the back

and have nearly finished the sleeves

so just need to do the front and put it together, which I hope to get done in the next week as I seem to have been knitting this for ages! I really want to get this finished and move on to something else, maybe a scarf or some socks, or perhaps try to finish one of my many UFOs lying around (annoying my husband!). I am also very keen on knitting some wristwarmers and have seen some beautiful ones on Saartje's blog and also check out Caryn's great free patterns. The idea of a small but quite intricate project appeals to me, so I think that once this baby sweater is on its way to Spain, I might try out some wristwarmers, particularly as winter here seems to be never-ending this year and my hands seem to be permanently cold! Wristwarmers seem to be a common accessory in Scandinavian countries, so I reckon they must be good at their job! So, what to knit next? Decisions, decisions! I'll keep you posted.


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