Friday, March 31, 2006

Lucky finds in Oxfam

The local Oxfam shop where I live in East Sheen in south-west London has become a bookshop and has just reopened. I went in to check out whether they had any knitting books and was thrilled to discover



As you can imagine, I was thrilled! I hope they carry on stocking such a good selection! I already had Debbie Abrahams' first book, but was pleased to find her second, although having looked through it in detail, I think I prefer the first book for the variety and ideas. The motifs book will be very useful and the Alice Starmore book has some lovely patterns and is quite inspiring. I particularly like Kilronan

At my knitting group in Putney on Wednesday, it was good to see what everyone was doing.

Nathalie (on the left) was wearing a funky new scarf she had knitted from Silkwood yarn and was knitting a double-sided scarf which looked great. Lesley (on the right) was knitting a Debbie Bliss cardigan and Linda and Jill were knitting away on their current projects.

It is great to meet with other knitters and I really enjoy my Wednesday mornings in Putney. The children break up from school today, so I don't know if I'll get to the group for the next couple of weeks - we'll see! I am looking forward to the Easter break from school as the children all need a rest, but I am also trying to plan what to do with them while letting them have the rest they need - a tricky balance to achieve!


Blogger Jill Richards said...

You are very lucky indeed to find the Alice Starmore book - it fetches a fortune on e-bay! I always liked that one the best of her books and have a copy, it is a great shame that Rowan have discontinued so many of the yarns used.

10:26 PM  

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