Thursday, April 06, 2006

At last...

At last I have finished the baby Guernsey I have been knitting for ages (the joy of 4-ply!) and have sent it off to Carlitos in Madrid. I hope it fits!

Here is a detail of the neck, showing the simple ribbing:

I am so pleased to have it finished that I am now contemplating whether to finish something else (one of the many UFOs lying around the house) or to start something new. Both are tempting (well, if I am honest, starting something new is always more tempting!) and I have some new reading to help me decide. In the Oxfam shop I wrote about in my last post I found:

and my trusty newsagent had this in stock!

Spoiled for choice. But before I settle down to this woolly reading, I need to finish some work and tackle Mount Ironing... as well as dealing with two four-year-olds and one seven-year-old on holiday from school!

It was Day Four of the Easter holidays today and to entertain the children I took them to the London Wetlands Centre, which is always a good place to go. My strategy for the holidays with the children is very similar to a dog-owner's tactics - exercise them in the morning and they'll be happy all day! The weather was wonderful - sunny and even a touch warm occasionally! The children played in the willow wigwams:

and tried to spot all the different kinds of duck.

We admired the cave paintings

(there is a hand and a fish, among other images on the rocks)

and we tried not to worry about the giant stork on the ceiling

We all had a great time and after a picnic lunch there the kids played happily at home and I was able to get on with some chores and general domestic things. (But no knitting though! ... maybe tomorrow)


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