Friday, April 07, 2006

Green and pheasant land

Day Five of the holidays and, even though the weather was overcast and didn't look great, we headed off for Kew Gardens to work off some energy in the morning. We went to Climbers and Creepers:

After a picnic lunch we walked to the badger sett

The flowers were beautiful and made me think that at last spring is here as the daffodils were out in force

We were lucky enough to see this fellow,

a golden pheasant, in the rhododendrons:

Ellen (who is 7) has a friend coming on a sleepover tonight so I am hoping to get some knitting done this evening (giggling permitting) as I have caught up on work (and think the ironing can wait!). I plan to browse through Knitter's magazine tonight and decide what to cast on next - can't wait!


Anonymous Jill Richards said...

Kew looks lovely - hope the sleep-over goes well and everybody gets at least some sleep.

Incidentally I tried to subscribe to Knit Simple in the US, they directed me to GMC publications in Sussex, but they told me nothing was set in place, although by the end of the year it should be.....

4:31 PM  

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