Friday, April 14, 2006

Off with their heads!

Today we braved the pouring rain and went to the Tower of London. It looked impressive, despite the weather:

We went in past the Beefeaters:

who, I was interested to learn, actually live in the complex in these houses (with the blue doors), and elsewhere within the walls:

We looked at the Bloody Tower, where the two young princes were kept and then never seen again and then we joined the queue to see the Crown Jewels. It was a bit daunting

and the jewels are guarded heavily:

But we got to see them after eating our sandwiches in the queue, and they really are impressive. They include the biggest diamond in the world, the First Star of Africa, or the Cullinan I diamond, which is in the sceptre, and the Second Star of Africa, which is in the State Crown. The children were impressed, but tired after such a long wait. Here are some rather less scary sentries:

We headed home, walking along the river and seeing Tower Bridge:

before getting on the Tube back home.

I am making good progress on the cardigan and have finished one sleeve and am about a third of the way up the second. I am hoping to get most of the knitting done over Easter.


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