Friday, April 21, 2006

Slow starter

Initial progress on Birch is slow, but I have cast on the 299 stitches required and knit a couple of rows of garter stitch before starting the pattern. Here it is so far (it seems like an unrecognisable fluffy mess at the moment!):

Not huge, but started at least. I started off knitting it on Addi Turbos but have just switched to a rather mismatched pair of needles (both 5mm but the children sat on the pair of each needle and broke them at some point!) as I remember from past Birch experiences that Kidsilk Haze drives me crazy on circular needles.

I think I also need to find some mindless knitting to be getting on with at the same time (on the bus, at knitting group, etc, when I can chat and knit at the same time) so plan to rummage through my projects this weekend to find something else to do at the same time.

My local newsagent had this today:

I quite like Vogue Knitting, although I see that in this issue, as in recent issues of Rowan, crochet is becoming increasingly intermingled with the knitting patterns. As someone who does not crochet I find this a bit irritating, but maybe I should pick up a hook and learn!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Ingrid, your Birch shawl looks wonderful. I love the colour, it is so rich and jewel like. You are a fantastic knitter to tackle what looks like an extremely complicated pattern. And in Kidsilk Haze!

Mary FB

11:40 PM  

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