Saturday, April 15, 2006

Stripes and books

Here are the sleeves of the stripey cardigan so far:

I'm getting there! And the postman brought my overdue order from Amazon:

Yippee! (Not that I have had a chance to read it yet - but I am looking forward to perusing it this evening, ironing permitting!) I managed a quick trip to the Oxfam shop today, where I was lucky enough to find this (I am doing well with Alice Starmore books!):

The children are argumentative today after being indoors for the morning, so we headed to the library and then went to the swings for some monkey antics this afternoon:

I can't wait to browse through my new books and make some more progress with the sleeves tonight. After two weeks with the children at home I must confess I could do with some peace and quiet, lovely as it is to be with the kids! Before then, though, I have a huge pile of ironing to tackle and the children's tea to cook. So, it's off to the kitchen now...


Anonymous Jill said...

That's another book that costs an arm and a leg on e-bay..... The Yarn Harlot book is great fun, you will enjoy it even if it is - probably - intended for new knitters! I liked the last one she wrote too - sort of chapters on knitting stories - the frst one is just quotes with a comment.

11:16 PM  

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