Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A UFO no longer


This was so quick to finish that I began to wonder why I had abandoned it and left it to languish in a carrier bag in my bedroom. The missing right front was finished within a day and then I decided I would do the patch pockets after all (although I know rationally no baby will be using them!) , if only because they were cute!

I suppose that finishing this made me think about the process of knitting and what I enjoy about it. I would have to say that I like all stages of the process, but that somehow I reach a stage in a project where I am bored, or have start-itis, or just need to do something different and so get distracted from finishing the job at hand. I don't know whether it is symptomatic of the butterfly brain you develop when you have children (in my case, three little voices making constant demands does get wearing and mean that you have to switch constantly between tasks and trains of thought!). I love thinking about what I am going to start next and fantasising about what yarn I might be able to buy for the next project. But I also like actually finishing things, and the satisfaction I felt when I finished this made me think that maybe I need to look through what else I have lying around that needs a bit of attention before becoming everything I wanted it to be when I started it!

I was thrilled to finish this and feel it turned out well. I particularly like the heart details:

So, I am off to rummage around and see what else I can find that could go to a good home and deserves a bit of TLC!


Anonymous Jill said...

Well done! I know what you mean about babies/pockets - but they do add something to this jacket. I'm wondering what other beauties you have tucked away almost finished.........

10:58 PM  

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