Saturday, May 13, 2006

Flower power

Our garden is probably at its best this time of year. I love the delicacy and poise of the aquilegias

the enduring sweetness and cheery presence of the bluebells

and the beauty and mystery of the bleeding hearts

Spring really is here!
I have some small confessions to make. My long-awaited order from Amazon has finally arrived:

and, something I have been desperate to get my paws on:

Wendy Knits is an entertaining read, with some good patterns and anecdotes, but The Curious Knitters' Guide is in a league of its own. This is a beautiful book, artistically designed and produced, and full of projects that have me itching to pick up my needles. Like this:

and this

I can see myself log-cabining just about anything and am very tempted to try and make a bag using this technique! It really is inspirational and I love the page layout and design!
I am gearing up this weekend for helping at school on Monday and Tuesday with some knitting for arts week and have lots of casting on to do. I also need to make a start on my big knitting as well, as I plan for the children to come and have a go on with it too - I hope it will enable them to see the structure of the knitted fabric better, but might just make them giggle - we'll see!


Anonymous Jill said...

The rather dull black and white photos put me off Wendy's book a bit, though I enjoyed the reading. I love the Mason and Dixon one, have you seen her latest blog entry about doing that mitred blanket with no sewing up? Good luck with the children and the knitting tomorrow!

10:55 PM  
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