Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Knitting at school - day 2

Today we were knitting with the other Year 3 class and again the children loved the big needles:

It has proved to be a fantastic way of teaching the children how to knit and I have been very pleased with what we have achieved in two mornings. The children started off by doing the big knitting, where they can clearly see the construction of the knitted fabric, and then we moved on to smaller knitting and making more worms:

When I got home from school, an exciting parcel was waiting for me - my latest eBay purchase - some vintage coloured needles (I just love these!). Aren't they pretty?

Although it was quite hard to take a photo because they are very shiny and because a certain someone kept getting in the way...


Anonymous Dipsy D. said...

Hi from Austria! I really love these huge needles and can imagine so well that they were a huge hit with the kids!
And I absolutely adore the pic of your "certain someone", what a cutie - and a beauty!

6:36 AM  
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