Thursday, May 25, 2006

Mystery stripes

So, I have started something new (not pink!), and here it is, but it is hush hush as it will be going to my secret pal in the end. Here is a tease:

Can you guess what it is? I took it to my knitting group in Putney yesterday but didn't get any done because I went to Stash Yarns and helped out Michelle and Nathalie with pricing yarn. They have a whizzy till which does stock-taking, but the downside is that each ball of yarn has to have its own bar code and someone needs to stick it there! Most of the knitting group turned up there in the end and we got quite a lot done, which was great as Michelle and Nathalie are working really hard to make the shop a fantastic hang-out for knitters. It opens on 6 June and we are all very excited!

At last week's group Mandy had a fantastic book for children:

which I have managed to find and which arrived today. It is full of lovely things to knit. Mandy was knitting Barbapapa

I am very into the idea of teaching children to knit and Jill very kindly gave me this magazine yesterday, which is chock full of useful tips on teaching children to knit.

It also had this rather cute pattern for footlets, which is very tempting...

But I must concentrate on work in hand. We are going away for half-term on Saturday and are heading to Dorset, which we are all really looking forward to. But before then I have heaps to do, not least planning my holiday knitting. I want to finish Birch and am taking my secret knitting and something else. I am thinking of knitting Lara by Debbie Bliss. Paul will be driving so I have some good knitting time in the car, which will be great. My mum is coming too, which will be lovely for us all - and it means I'll have some help with the cooking - bliss!


Anonymous Caroline said...

I hope you have a good halfterm break - here's hoping the weather picks up although today didn't turn out bad in the end.

I was sorry that I couldn't make it to the knitting group on Wednesday as I would have loved the chance to help out and of course get a sneaky peek at the yarns!

10:43 PM  
Anonymous Dipsy D. said...

Hm - I'm at a loss of ideas what this teaser could be - but it's so neatly and evenly knitted, beautiful! I love the knitted Barbapapa, I was such a big fan of that whole TV-family in my childhood, seeing that pic sure brought back some nice memories!

7:07 PM  
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