Thursday, June 22, 2006

A feast of colour

Yesterday, after going to knit at Stash Yarns in the morning, and going to work in the afternoon, I went to the exhibition the children's school was holding for all the work that was done during Arts Week. Well, wow! The sheer volume and intensity of the work on show was fabulous: it is incredible that all this was produced in one week. Right across one wall of the exhibition space were these paintings:

and in the middle of the space were puppets, and here is just one of them (I love the blurb),


these two fabulous canvases done by Year 2 (first, Ellen's class, who did India)

and then the other Year 2 class, who did We Love London:

And then there was the knitting, which I did with Year 3, the worms groovily displayed dangling from a coat-hanger tree:

There was so much else besides. Portraits in CD cases, a video running of the whole week, an animal alphabet, 'teachers' for the campaign My Friend Needs a Teacher, a collage of the Peter Pan story by Reception, and so much more. It is an incredible body of work, and to have it displayed gave the children a fantastic sense of pride and achievement - an amazing event!


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