Saturday, June 03, 2006

Five go mad in Dorset

Well, we had a glorious week in Dorset. Apparently the weather in London was fairly indifferent, but we had proper English summer weather and managed lots of trips out. Here is Burton Bradstock beach, a fabulous place with a great beach cafe, the Hive

While at the beach we did the obligatory burials:

We went to Abbotsbury, to the swannery, where we had timed it just right and all the swans were nesting and there were cygnets everywhere:

The colony of mute swans have been nesting at Abbotsbury for more than 600 years and they build their nests all over the paths, where you just walk round them - incredible:

Abbotsbury also has some beautiful sub-tropical gardens, which we enjoyed walking around:

Dorset is such a beautiful county that we always find something new to do each time we go. This time, we visited Maiden Castle, Britain's largest iron age hill fort, which is an amazing structure:

We had great fun walking up and down all the hills and all the children were interested in all the ramparts and ditches.


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