Monday, June 19, 2006


Well, last week went by in a blur of greyness. I spent the week feeling overwhelmed - by the constant housework, the endless cooking, the crazy untidiness of the children's bedrooms that no amount of tidying seems to counteract, and the mountain of ironing that never seems to shrink. In fact, all week, I have felt like this:

This week, I hope things will improve. I need to blitz a couple of rooms and then I should feel a bit better.

At the weekend, Lily and Edward both achieved a major milestone and graduated to riding their bikes without stabilisers. I am so pleased with them - it will be easier to take them out cycling and trips further afield now beckon, which is fantastic! Here is Lily, looking pleased with herself and Edward was so busy racing down the pavement that I couldn't catch him in a photo.

It has been very hard getting both of them to this stage as taking two of them out on their bikes (plus Ellen!) was complicated and it is only recently that I have felt able to do this easily. I took the stabilisers off Edward's bike on Saturday and he got the hang of it and then Lily decided she wanted the stabilisers off her bike too. So, I took them off, lowered her saddle, and she was off! I am thrilled that they have got the balance to ride their bikes properly now and now we just need to practise before going on longer rides!

On the knitting front, I have made some progress on the Seville jacket and knitted some stripes of the baby top, although the bamboo wrap is proving more of a challenge. I did two tension squares over the weekend and now need to do a third - I am having real problems getting the tension right on this. Has anyone else had problems with this yarn (South-west bamboo)?


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