Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A parcel from Australia!

Well, something very exciting arrived today:

My first parcel from my Secret Pal, who turns out to be in Australia. Wow! Inside were some wonderful goodies:

The legendary Tim Tams, which I have heard about and even read about on Jane's blog, a lovely card and two cute baby tigers to go with the mummy tiger Ellen gave me on Mother's Day. Here they are with the mum:

How sweet! The white tiger is particularly cute! Thank you Secret Pal - such thoughtfully chosen gifts. I am looking forward to a Tim Tam with a coffee later! It is very exciting to have a Secret Pal on the other side of the world - it makes the exchange so interesting!

I'd thought I'd fill you all in on my startitis. First, a friend who is expecting a baby thinks she is having a boy, so I thought I would knit this:

and here is the start of it (with Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino purchased in Stash on Saturday)

I have knitted this hooded top a couple of times before and it really is lovely when made up. The yarn is also great to knit with and it is so soft for the baby to wear.

Michelle and Nathalie also had this pattern on display and it only requires two balls of the bamboo yarn, so I plan to knit this too, in this purple colourway:

And, just so that it doesn't feel neglected, here is my rather slow progress on the Seville jacket:

It seems to be knitting up very slowly - I don't really know why, as the yarn is lovely to knit with. I am also a bit worried that I won't have enough yarn so I need to get cracking while there is still some in that dye lot in stock at Stash! I have also finished my mystery stripes and have another secret project on the go, which I cannot show here, so I am knitting away, despite the heat! It rained here in London last night, which was a bit of a relief, as the nights are so stifling, but the day is hotting up now and it looks like summer is here to stay! (Although the water situation is worrying, and Thames Water has applied for a drought order, which will affect us in London and some Home Counties. Let's hope it doesn't come to stand pipes, which there has been talk of. How will I do my washing?!)


Anonymous Dipsy said...

Oh, what a package of goodies - and yummy, that chocolate sure looks tasty! Never heard of it before though! You've got such amazing projects on the go right now, that little baby sweater must be one of the cutest I've ever seen! And the short shrug (is that the correct word for it?) you've begun looks awesome too - I especially like the yarn, what a great color - my fave if I may say so! Happy knitting, I'm looking forward to seeing many more progress pics!

6:09 AM  
Anonymous Wibbo said...

Enjoy the TimTams! I think they're the best choccy biscuits I've eaten.

5:29 PM  

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