Sunday, June 11, 2006

Startitis and wildlife

Well, I seem to have been struck by startitis. Other than the alpaca bolero, which is progressing slowly as we swelter in the humidity here in London, I have bought the yarn to make a Debbie Bliss baby jacket and another project in Vogue Knitting. I am progressing well with the mystery knitting and am on the making up, but still have something else to do before I can send it to my Secret Pal. Sorry about all the systery, but I mustn't give too much away. I am also thinking about other projects but the heat is beginning to get to me a bit and I need a bit more breeze to knit for long! It is 29 degrees here today and the air is very still!

Over the weekend I took the children to see the frogs in a friend's pond:

and although the children wanted to catch one, the frogs were having none of it and stayed out of reach:

On Saturday we went to see my sister's cat's kittens and they were easier to catch:

Aren't they cute?

We were very tempted but they both have homes already, although my sister is thinking of letting her cat have another litter. From past experience I know that kittens and knitting are not very compatible, but how the kids would love it!


Anonymous Dipsy said...

Oh gosh, such cuteness - the kitty I mean, not the frogs :) But, the latter are amazing as well in their own way - I'm sure the kids enjoyed that little trip into nature a lot!
Great to hear that you're having such beautiful weather in London as well these days - all the times I've been to London we had the most amazing weather, way better than here, so I'm seriously wondering what all this people's talk about "It always rains in London" is about... :) Enjoy the sun!

7:41 AM  

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