Sunday, July 16, 2006

Another party, another poncho

Today Edward went to a friend's birthday party and because he is so fond of her I made her a poncho (I always try to do some knitting for the children's special friends):

This is slightly adapted from the Rowan pattern Rosie and I have knitted it in Rowan Big Wool (Cheeky - a discontinued colourway) rather than the recommended Ribbon Twist and also used some Colinette Chicago yarn I have in my stash because I didn't have quite enough Big Wool to complete it. I rather like the stripe although it was just a tactic to eke out what yarn I had. I was originally knitting this and trying to make the yarn go further by plying all the bits I had together (taught to me by Nathalie at Stash Yarns), but I wasn't happy with the result and so frogged part of it and did this instead. Here is the edging in close-up

Margaret commented on my telecoms problems and linked them to the wonderful imbenge bowls made from telephone wire. It just so happens that I have an imbenge bowl, which I love, which is indeed made from telephone wire (although not mine!):

Its purpose in my household is rather mundane

but every time I hang out the washing I admire the craftsmanship that made it and love the feel of it. I was looking for a peg bag and found it in a charity shop instead!


Anonymous Nathalie said...

Great job on the poncho. I think it looks even better with the stripe than plain. And I especially like the fringe.

6:05 PM  

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