Sunday, August 20, 2006

Juggling act

This week has passed in a blur of looking after the children and attempts at domesticity. I had a mountain of washing and ironing after the holiday, which I am nearly up to date with - just in time to go away again this week! We are heading off to Port Eynon youth hostel on Tuesday morning for a couple of days - so I hope the weather improves (it is pouring as I write this)!

I also have some editing work to do and this is proving nearly impossible under the constraints of looking after the children full time during the holidays. So, the past week has also been spent fretting about my work (which I have now started but need to make more progress on before we go to Wales - I predict a late night doing it!) and entertaining the children.

It is all very well having the flexibility of working at home, and I love being with the children, but it is extremely hard during the holidays when childcare inevitably takes priority. Still, in amongst the stresses of juggling work with everything else, I have taken Ellen to stay with two different friends on sleepovers, and taken all the children to the Wetlands Centre, which was lovely. It is a great place to be at all times of the year, but there is something wonderful about the scents and sights of summer:

The centre now has a new outdoor play area, called Explore, which includes rain clouds the children can run under and mist they can run through (swimsuits or knickers only!), vole tunnels to explore and other imaginative environmental play areas. It really is well thought out and the children had a wonderful time:

I managed to meet up with Jill and Linda from my knitting group during the week too and we had a lovely morning at my house, drinking tea and knitting. Jill had just come back from a Baltic cruise and gave me this beautiful skein of yarn, bought in Helsinki market (thank you, Jill!). The colour is gorgeous and it will make a great hat!

I also went to see Mary from the group to drop off some yarn and some needles she wanted to borrow and she painted my nails (the first time I have worn nail varnish for ages). Look at the pretty flower she did - so skilled!

And through all the comings and goings, stresses and strains and general summer chaos, Max impeturbably sits in the kitchen, waiting for his next meal...

See you at the end of the week!


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