Thursday, August 03, 2006

Off on holiday

On Wednesday I took the children to my knitting group at Stash Yarns and they ended up going to Michelle's house to play, which was soooo kind of her. So, I had a bit of knitting time and they had some play time with Michelle's daughters, which was great! Thank you, Michelle! I had a voucher for Stash Yarns (courtesy of my husband for my birthday!) that I was itching to spend and in the end settled for this:

Two skeins of Handmaiden Sea silk in colourway Paris. Gorgeous! I want to do a shawl with it but have only 800m to play with, so was thinking about Kiri or Birch (I'd like to do Icarus, but it takes 800m and I figure that is cutting it fine!). I'm going to mull it over for a while, and concentrate on projects I've already started for the moment.

One such project is this scarf, which is slowly progressing - this is the scarf based on the swatch I did earlier and is knitted in a cashmere yarn which is very fine. I am knitting it in a traditional feather and fan pattern, based on an 18 stitch repeat, in a lovely forest green colour. The colour is very difficult to photograph accurately, but I hope you get the idea. This is coming on holiday with me tomorrow, along with the Debbie Bliss cashmerino DK cardigan, which I hope to make a good start on.

I am hoping that I will have some time for reading too (although it doesn't often turn out like that!) and am packing two books: one, Rites of Spring, is by a local author, and the other, A Tale of Two Cities, is for my book club. I am really looking forward to reading some Dickens - I hope I have some chunks of time to get into it!

I have lots of ideas chasing around in my head and am looking forward to a change of scene away from the house where I might be able to clarify some of them. I'd like to do some embroidery based on some of the children's drawings, and Ellen did this drawing at Michelle's house, which would be perfect:

I can just see this as an embroidered piece - it would be so cute! One thing I want to try to do is to figure out how to use my time better (although the summer holidays is probably not the best time for that!) as I seem to be constantly bogged down in work, housework and general domestic chaos! So, I'll be having a break from blogging (and everything else) for a week or so and will update you all on our stay in Oscar then! Have a good week!


Anonymous Donna said...

One of the ladies at our knitting group had some Sea Silk last week, and it was just divine.
Have you seen Miriam's "Mountain Peaks" shawl? It takes around 600m I think.

4:33 AM  
Anonymous dawn said...

I've also bought some seasilk, just one skein, ripening in the stash. I'm glad that your bag's turned up, what a relief for you. have a great holiday!

2:43 PM  

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