Sunday, September 03, 2006

The end of a packed week

This past week has been incredibly busy. I managed to finish my work and meet the deadline last week, as well as applying for two jobs, and then finished Kris' green scarf, which has now arrived - and she is thrilled - phew! Hi Kris! I'm so pleased that you liked your last package - check it out on Kris' blog! Because Kris has 21-month-old twin boys, I know how difficult it is to find time to do anything when the children are at that age, so I wanted to make her Secret Pal experience special and really spoil her a bit! I have decided to sign up for the next Secret Pal as I have enjoyed spoiling Kris so much!

On Friday evening it was my book club and I managed to finish A Tale of Two Cities in time and it was also my turn to make pudding. I was going to make a lemon cake but was so mathematically challenged by the recipe (not only did I have to convert grammes into ounces as my scales have not moved with the times, I had to convert 125g of condensed milk into an equivalent in millilitres). In the end I gave up on the lemons and made this, a yummy plum tart, and went off-piste with the recipe a bit, using crushed amaretti biscuits as a base, which goes with the delicious almond pastry!

We had a great discussion about the book and all agreed that it had been a fantastic read. I particularly liked the way the ending was so satisfying. The last sentence was as good as the first: every character's fate was explained, all loose ends were tied up and throughout it all there was frequent mention of knitting as Madame Defarge's sinister knitted register progressed. She looks to be knitting on DPNs here:

Dickens also describes women knitting to appease their terrible hunger - that the occupation of the hands somehow soothed the pain of famine. The book certainly gave a new perspective on knitting!

And this weekend was spent decorating the sitting room. For the past year, the room has looked like this, with this rather unseemly join between new and old:

I started painting it and only had time to do one wall. We had set this weekend as the target for finishing the painting after months of not getting round to it, as we have a new sofa arriving on Friday and gave our old sofa (complete with hole in the arm) to a friend who has just bought her first house last weekend. So with less furniture in the room it seemed a good time to get on with the job! I was also really tired of that yellow you can see in the photo and this green in the fireplace:

I started painting yesterday while Paul took the children out and was up at 5.30 this morning carrying on, and now the room is done and looks like this:

with a contrasting wall and matching fireplace in this colour, called Gold ochre.

I am so pleased! I feel it is a major achievement, finishing off this job which has been hanging over me for so long! I am really tired but delighted with the end result. I am looking forward to an evening knitting on the sofa as a reward for all the hard work!


Blogger kris said...

WOW! You are so busy! I don't know how you find the time. Please share your secrets with me!!! The wall/fireplace looks great!

10:39 PM  
Blogger margaret said...

Nice colours, and it's truly wonderful to have a room repainted (less so if it's the same old magnolia over woodchip paper, but even that has a fresh feel). Getting up at 5.30 to do the painting is a bit excessive, though...!

11:45 PM  

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