Monday, September 11, 2006

It wore red velvet

Well, the children have been back at school since Wednesday and, despite working on Wednesday and Friday, I have made some progress:

Of course, I have now more washing drying on the line, but I am up to date with the ironing mountain - a rare occurrence! On Friday, the new sofa arrived to go in the newly painted sitting room, and it is lovely - extremely comfortable and even a touch glamorous! I have always wanted a red velvet sofa and now we have one!

And I have finally finished the Debbie Bliss striped baby hoodie, knitted in baby cashmerino, just in time for my friend's baby (due in 10 days' time). I plan to make a bolero to go with it, as this is aged 6 months and I want something suitable for a newborn too, and managed to do most of the knitting for that over the weekend, and just have the edging and sewing up to do. Here's the hoodie - it looks lovely on the velvet:

And I got the party poncho done in time, and Lily gave it to her friend yesterday:

I knitted this one in Rowan's Ribbon Twist, bought half-price in the John Lewis sale over the summer, and I used 3 balls for this. Again this is the pattern Rosie from Rowan.

This week is a busy week - I am working three days and also have an interview for a full-time job, which is a bit scary. I was in the hairdresser's on Saturday getting a much-needed pre-interview haircut, when I read in Red magazine that women trying to return to work full-time after having children are 37% less likely to get the job than other candidates. This is a bit of a depressing statistic but I'm going to give it a go anyway!


Anonymous Jill said...

Sofa looks fantastic - bet the cat loves it......and the hoodie too. You've been very productive over the week-end! Good luck with the interview for a full-time job (if that is what you want), statistics are not to be believed....

3:22 PM  
Blogger margaret said...

37% less likely, eh? - don't believe everything you read! Good luck!!

8:37 PM  

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