Monday, October 09, 2006


Once a month here where I live in south-west London there is a market and just look what I found this month. Aren't they great! Needless to say the children were thrilled when they not only had ice cream for pudding but had it in these bowls!

Yesterday, we went to see Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby, a puppet show on the Puppet Theatre barge, which is currently moored in Richmond. We were introduced to this magical form of entertainment by our former au pair, who left us to become one of the puppeteers on the barge, which winters in Little Venice and then spends the summer touring up and down the Thames. We went last year with the children and they were thrilled to go again. The story is timeless - the fox constantly outwitted by the oh-so-smart rabbit - and the children really enjoyed the show. It somehow is even more magical to see it on the water too!

It was a beautiful day so we went for a walk to Richmond Lock and then caught the train home again. I spent the evening knitting and did some more today, trying not to think about how much else I had to do as I worked on my mum's gift. And I made good progress: both fronts and the back are now joined, and the neck and button bands (which are integral) complete. So, just the sleeves to go ( a lot of work, but I am hoping to do it!):


Anonymous carol said...

I don't think you can beat London for quality childrens theatre - and this one on a barge too. What fun.

4:40 PM  

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