Saturday, October 14, 2006

Panic is setting in

I am still knitting both the scarf for ISE3 and the cardigan for my mum. I am beginning to panic slightly that I might not get my mum's cardigan finished. I need to post it Special Delivery on Tuesday to arrive on Wednesday and the sleeves are taking ages. I have had so many other commitments this week (and next too) that I have been feeling a bit frazzled. I have had a lot to do work-wise and school-wise and seem to be running around crazily most of the time.

Not all of these commitments have been work-related or stressful, however. Yesterday, I met a couple of friends for lunch at Carluccio's in Putney. It was a beautiful day and the restaurant is well situated by the river, with views towards Putney Bridge:

The tide was low, but the view is still pretty and we saw herons and cormorants while eating our delicious lunch.

Tonight I am hoping to meet up with a fellow blogger, Hila, who is over from New York for the Knitting and Stitching Show. I will take my knitting, so should make some sleeve progress today! I am going to the show tomorrow with Michelle, which I am very excited about, as I haven't been for a few years. This year I traded with my husband - he went to a drumming show in September and now it is my turn to go to a show! I can't wait!


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