Thursday, October 05, 2006

Still knitting frantically

I can hardly believe a week has gone by since I have posted. Time seems to be flying at the moment - maybe it is because I am so busy, but the weeks are rushing by, and I hardly seem to have time to catch my breath!

The scarf I am knitting for my ISE3 recipient is coming along and I am really pleased with the evenness of Nic's dyeing. Just look at how beautifully it is knitting up. I love the patches of brown and turquoise and think it is going to be gorgeous! I am really enjoying knitting with this yarn and also like knowing that it is going to be a surprise for someone!

The scarf would be moving along faster were it not for the fact that I have decided to knit my mum a cardigan. It is her 70th birthday this month and so I wanted to make her something special. Last Christmas, I gave her a cardigan in navy, knitted using this pattern from Rowan No 34:

I made it slightly longer and the shape was really flattering. She loves it and asked whether there was any chance of having it in red too. So, I have been frantically knitting and have done the back

and one front and am now on the second front. I am knitting it in Rowanspun Aran in Gables, which is a lovely tweedy, flecky red. I hope I can get it done in time!

Although I have done a fair bit of work this week, I had Wednesday morning free to go and knit at Stash, for the first time in ages. It was great to see everyone and I really enjoyed catching up after not being able to go for a few weeks owing to work commitments. I took my scarf and got quite a bit done, and could not resist the new arrival of a huge box of Lorna's Laces. Here is the sock yarn I bought:

Yummy! This is shepherd sock yarn in Motherlode - I plan to make a scarf with it. It is just my colours, but I have found it hard to tell from images on the internet exactly what this looked like so it was great to finally see it in the flesh before I bought it.


Anonymous dawn said...

I love your scarf, the colour's are just gorgeous. The cardigan is great too, will hunt down #34 tonight and have a peek at it. And that Stash shipment... it's a good job I can't get there for another 3 weeks!

5:07 PM  

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