Friday, November 17, 2006

More alpaca goodness

Yesterday evening I went round to a friend's house to knit. It is amazing what three hours' knitting can achieve!

Yes, it's another one off the production line, this time in a gorgeous baby pink! I had cast it on before I went but obsessive knitting while chatting yields fast results with this pattern. My friends thought the yarn was so lovely that I think they may start knitting this scarf too! What have Jill and Dawn started?!

Before going out last night, when the children came back from school we made this - the spiced apple cake from the mix sent to me by my secret pal. Even today the whole house smells divinely of apple cake and the cake itself is delicious - thank you so much, secret pal!


Anonymous Jill said...

I babysat tonight wearing THE scarf in pink - and guess what, DIL and 13 yr old Annie both want one....

12:32 AM  

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