Monday, December 18, 2006

Knit Picks!

Time is flying by and I am fast running out of it! I am now on page 299 of the book and plan to do some more tonight, so I am making progress, which is good. I shall be glad when the bulk of it is done and I am not stressing about it so much. Virtually no knitting has been going on here (or blogging, or writing Christmas cards for that matter) as I have been working late most nights in a bid to break the back of it. In the midst of the work frenzy, the children have been having more parties at school, requiring more fairy cakes:

The children all played the piano in a concert organised by their piano teacher on Saturday. They did fantastically well, especially when you consider that they have only been learning for a few months, and Paul and I were so proud of them. When leaving the house to get there I managed to forget my camera so no pix I'm afraid, but I did squeeze in a trip to Stash on the way there as I needed one more skein of alpaca for yet another scarf and also succumbed to these:

two skeins of Lorna's Laces worsted and one of Malabrigo, to knit hats, scarves and a baby bolero! How I thought I was going to get all my Christmas knitting done, I have no idea, but the scarves will be done and then the rest will be post-Christmas presents! Nic was in the shop and was fantastic with the kids, especially when Lily's wobbly tooth came out in the middle of my wool choosing! Nic valiantly found an envelope to keep it safe and the tooth fairy came that night!

And just look what my secret pal has sent me, in time for Christmas, when I hope I will have some time to knit:

A copy of Knit Simple, 3 cute M&M's men for the children (how incredibly thoughtful!), a box of grown-up chocolates for me (which I shall need to get me through the book) and some delectable Knit Picks laceweight. Look at how pretty it is:

It is quite interesting, as this is not a colour I would normally choose, but it is calling to me in a most peculiar way and I am itching to knit with it! My Secret Pal asked me if there was anything from the US I wanted and of course I said Knit Picks yarn, and it is lovely - soft and so pretty!
Thank you so much secret pal - I love it all!


Blogger HPNY Knits said...

honestly Ingrid, I don't know how you do it!
I made sure to not even try holiday knits this year. it would stress me out too much.great yarns, and congrats on the tooth!

11:29 PM  

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