Monday, January 15, 2007

Birthday girl

It's hard to believe, but Ellen is 8 years old today. Happy birthday Ellen! I am amazed at how quickly and yet how slowly the time has gone - like time was bizarrely elastic in some way.

I made fairy cakes for her to take into school to give to her class (I always feel this is a bit nicer than just buying a party bag of sweets for her to hand out at home time, even though the sugar content is probably fairly similar!). In true Nigella fashion, I decorated these ones with dolly mixtures:

Because yesterday was at last a sunny day we decided to take advantage of the fine weather and headed off to Bocketts Farm for the day, taking a picnic with us. The farm is great for the children, with lots of friendly animals (the goats are my favourite!):

and life in all its richness - this little calf was born on Sunday, just before we arrived - he is called Casper, and was so sweet!

The children had great fun and I was very relieved to get out and about. I have felt very cooped up in the wet weather and have been longing for some open space, so it was lovely to see some animals and get some fresh air:

A friend of mine also had her fourth child today (Ellen is thrilled to share her birthday!) so some more baby knitting beckons!


Blogger caroline said...

A belated Happy Birthday to Ellen. And it sounds like you had a lovely day out - I love goats too.

10:08 PM  
Blogger Nickerjac said...

Isn't the farm wonderful, we took the junior youth club there last year and only just managed to get past the sheep and lamas :)

10:52 AM  
Anonymous carol said...

Belated birthday wishes to Ellen. Many happy memories of Brockett Farm. When my two boys were younger we always used to go there on our trips home each year. Fun place!

3:58 PM  

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