Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Fee fi fo fum

On Saturday it was Ellen's birthday treat and she had her friend Kitty for a sleepover. We went to Jack and the Beanstalk at Richmond Theatre and then out to Tootsies for dinner. I don't usually enjoy pantomime but this one actually made me laugh - largely down to the talent of Tim Vine, who was excellent as Jack's one-bean-short-of-a-bushel brother. Richmond Theatre had a great enticement on the front of the theatre (what child wouldn't want to go in after seeing those boots!):

The children thoroughly enjoyed the show, particularly Lily, who was shouting out 'He's behind you!' at all the crucial moments and going Ssssssss! with gusto when the baddie appeared!

I finished off another Mason-Dixon baby kimono, in the mixed berries colourway again, for Kitty's mum's new baby, but forgot to take a photo of it before giving it away. And I have also knitted this lovely purple one for another new baby:

Now that my urgent baby knitting is done I must press on with Paul's jumper. I have been making very slow progress with this, largely due to the baby knitting taking priority, but I must get on with it now otherwise I will run out of time! I'll keep you posted...


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