Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Let it snow

When we woke up this morning and looked out of the window, we were so excited! Snow! It is not often that it snows in London, and Lily had been very confused about why there was no snow at Christmas. She assured me that it would snow in January, so maybe a meteorological future beckons! Everything looked so pretty:

Before we went to school there was just time to make a mini snowman, but it now seems to be melting fast, so may not be there by the time the children get home from school.

Still, we had a great walk to school in our wellies and getting up was no problem this morning as we all just wanted to get out and play! I noticed a couple of days ago that the mornings don't seem quite so dark and gloomy, so I am hoping we are over the worst in terms of lack of light - I find it such a struggle to get up at this time of year and feel I should be hibernating! The light cast by the snow is so lovely, it makes getting up less of a struggle!


Blogger Julie said...

Most of my life I lived in the South where it snowed once every ten years or so and school was out if there were even tiny flakes in the air. I love living where we get snow every year and sometimes lots of it. It's just magical if there's new snow and a full moon or a sunny day as it's so beautiful and bright. I hope there's at least a bit left when the kids get home from school!

12:09 PM  
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