Thursday, February 08, 2007

Tagged for the first time - and more snow!

The weather forecast was right and we woke up to more snow this morning. It is still snowing as I write this but this time it seems wetter and is quite sludgy. Still, everything looks so pretty (although Max is running for the door and the warmth in this shot):

The camellias on the way to school have had a bit of a shock:

Nic has tagged me - my first time! - and the challenge is to use all the letters of the alphabet (except x, y and z - although I am going to have a go at those too!) to describe myself.
So, here goes (this could be a bit revealing):
A - anxious (sorry, Nic, stole this one from you). If there is something to worry about, I’ll worry about it and if there isn’t I’ll find something to worry about! I have spent many sleepless nights worrying about anything and everything and often have to get up at 4am if the worrying is out of hand.
B - bloody-minded. I can be very determined and pig-headed sometimes (and when I see this trait in the children I feel I cannot really criticise!). It can be a mixed blessing as it can help you achieve great things but can also prevent you from achieving other things.
C - cyclist. I love cycling and try to get on my bike at least a couple of times a week - even if it is just to go to work.
D - dog-loving. Well, I love all animals but I would love to have a dog. Paul is more reluctant but I am hoping he will agree in the end - he did say I could have one for my 45th birthday!
E - editrix. I earn my living by copy-editing or sub-editing. I work a lot at home and also work for a magazine in an office two days a week. When Paul went off to register the births of the twins I jokingly described my profession as editrix - he took me at my word, and that’s what is on their birth certificates!
F - fearful. This ties in with A - I am fearful for my children’s future, the future of the world, polar bears, tigers - you name it, I fear for it. Oh, and I still don’t like the dark!
G - generous. I like giving people presents and sometimes go a bit over the top - but I love giving people things! That is why I like Secret Pal so much!
H - I have a high pain threshold, which is not always a good thing - I did the school run for three days with a ruptured appendix two years ago, knowing that I felt really ill but stupidly believing the doctor’s diagnosis of a urinary tract infection. (I also had all the children with no pain relief, but that was probably something to do with B!)
I - impatient. I can be very impatient when waiting in queues, on the phone, for the bus, but conversely have loads of patience when it comes to handiwork.
J - jumpy. Loud noises make me leap out of my skin (a side effect of my being in an IRA bomb-blast 11 years ago this week).
K - knitting mad (well, what else?!)
L - loving - I love my children, my husband, my family, my friends, my pets - it makes the world go round.
M - maternal - I like nurturing things, although am better with animals and people than with plants - green fingers I have none!
N - needlewoman - I like sewing as well as knitting, and prefer hand-sewing to machining.
O - over-sensitive. Sometimes I take things to heart or take things the wrong way and fret about them for ages. Sometimes I feel it would be good to have a thicker skin.
P - perfectionistic - I like things to turn out the way I plan, which while leading to a lovely result can be painful when I am getting there!
Q - quixotic - I can be somewhat fanciful and rather a dreamer, but I try to keep my wilder notions under control!
R - risk-taker - I can be a bit reckless sometimes (I have been on a hang-gliding course, after all!).
S - single-minded. Once I decide to do something, I am usually quite determined to pursue it until it is done.
T - tearful. I cry easily and often, and since having children this has got worse! The news regularly sets me off!
U - easily upset - see above!
V - vehement - when I decide on something I can be very intense about expressing what I feel!
W - workaholic - I do push myself to work very hard sometimes and it seems that no matter what I do I find it hard to give myself permission to ease up, even when I need to.
X - exuberant (if that counts as an X!). When I get enthusiastic about something I want the whole world to see how great it is!
Y - yarn-hoarding. Yup, I have a monster stash!
Z - zealous - particularly when it comes to knitting!

I now need to tag five people, so I am tagging Kris, Caroline, Hila, Julie and Mindy!


Blogger Nickerjac said...

quixotic - what a great word :)

11:54 AM  
Blogger HPNY Knits said...

love your snow!
great ABC! I'll have a go at it later today.

12:32 PM  
Blogger Mindy said...

The snow is great! Glad you didn't have to shovel it. I'll have my abc's up later.

2:06 PM  

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