Monday, March 05, 2007


Thanks for all your suggestions on what to do with my charity shop find - I am still undecided but maybe a Kaffe Fassett waistcoat is the way to go...

A few weeks ago, Edward's teacher asked me to knit the class teddy a red jumper and I agreed, brought home the teddy and then promptly forgot about it as teddy got buried under a pile of work. On Friday I was reminded and so on Friday night I sat down with teddy and my knitting needles and came up with a little sweater for him:


The weekend was taken up with more building work - the tiling has started and we are making progress. What was two rooms is now one and the revamped bathroom is starting to take shape:

Yesterday I knew that the weather forecast was for rain, rain and more rain and so I decided to go to Oxford with the children to see my mum. Paul needed to work, the builders were plastering and I needed to get away from the disruption. So, we went to Oxford and had a lovely lunch and then visited the Oxford Museum of Natural History after lunch to see the dinosaur bones and the stuffed animals, some of which you can touch, including this rather fierce lioness -Grrrrrr!:

And this week I want to make some progress on Breakfast at Tiffany's and try to sort out the house a bit, as it is slowly disappearing under a layer of dust...


Blogger caroline said...

aawww Ted looks lovely and cosy - lucky little fella. I love the tiles you have in the bathroom - I have been wanting the same sort for ages but my husband isn't convinced (bah humbug). I recently went to Oxford myself and had a little snoop round the Natural history museum - brilliant isn't it.

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