Thursday, April 26, 2007

Birthday part II

On Saturday we had Edward and Lily's party. They were each allowed to invite six friends (for their sixth birthday) and we played party games in the garden and had hotdogs for tea. All the children had a great time, although Paul and I were shattered afterwards! Trying to manage 16 children is a challenge! I persuaded Edward and Lily to share a cake this year, so we had a chocolate cake with six pink candles and six blue ones (with strawberries because they are Edward's favourite), which was all eaten by the end of the day:

We played traditional games, including musical statues - can you tell who was the last one out here?

Since then I have been occupied with work and trying to do a bit of knitting in any spare moments. I have three babies to knit for and have started this cardigan for a friend who has just had her third child, weighing in at nearly 10 pounds! None of the newborn things I often knit will fit him so I have decided something more special is called for:

Progress on Tiffany's is slow but I just have the buttonhole band to knit and the final seams to sew up - pictures soon!


Blogger Mindy said...

Sounds like a great birthday party! That cake looks fantastic. Must go get some strawberries.

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