Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

The Easter bunny visited today and the children were thrilled with their Lindt bunnies (I always used to get Lindt chocolate when I was little so I am following a tradition here). They are so cute with their little bells on:

Yesterday I got the most fantastic parcel from my secret pal Sabine (although she is not-so-secret any more as I have managed to guess who she is, which is actually really nice - I love knowing who is sending to me!). Just look at all the fantastic things the postman brought:

Once all the packages were unwrapped, the children had these (notebook and pencil for Ellen, pirate tattoos for Edward and horsey puzzle for Lily):

Paul had these beautiful Easter chocolates (look at the lambs!)

and I had a fantastic assortment of goodies (including handcream for my poor hands, some lovely soap for the new bathroom and lots of other goodies including beautiful sock needles and point protectors):

The yarn is a gorgeous colour - just perfect for me!:

and I couldn't resist these delicious fruity chewy sweets - the packaging is so great that I couldn't help arranging them for a photo:

Thank you so much Sabine - you have thoroughly spoiled me. The children are very pleased with their gifts, as was Paul - how lovely of you to include everyone!

We went on a little excursion yesterday to Winchester, where I spent my adolescence. To my surprise, it hadn't changed hugely, even though I haven't been there for about 15 years. We visited the cathedral (famous for having the longest nave in Europe) and took the children round:

and also couldn't resist seeing King Arthur's round table:

The high street is one of the oldest in Europe and is still pretty:

It was a good day out and lovely to see a familiar place, although it is equally pleasant to be spending today pottering about at home!


Anonymous kris said...

What a great package - more Wollmeise yarn!!! It's very thoughtful that she included the whole family too! So lucky!

7:35 PM  

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