Tuesday, April 03, 2007

One step forward, two steps back

Well, my relatively relaxing week (working only two days and having a bit more time at home while the children are at school) has gone by in a flash and I haven't achieved everything I hoped. I have sorted out some papers (although still have more to do), done the ironing (although my ironing pile is now back to where it was and I need to tackle it today), and cleaned up some of the building mess, but I still have loads to do and the children break up for Easter tomorrow! I feel rather overwhelmed by everything on the domestic front and don't feel like I am making much progress as while I am cleaning and tidying one room, the children are playing (code for getting everything out and not putting it away!) in another!

The week has partly been occupied with attending end of term events, including "watching week" at ballet. Ellen looks very graceful:

and Edward and Lily's class is very sweet:

I have done some knitting and have finished the beret, knitted to Grumperina's pattern, which turned out really well. Here is Ellen modelling it:

I love the subtle gradations of colour and the circles you get with the decreasing; and I particularly like the little nub in the middle. It reminds me of a school I went to when I was nine where we wore berets and I remember getting mine "christened" (the central nub pulled off) against my will. I was upset about it as it meant there was a little hole in the middle!

I really like knitting hats - they are relatively quick and very satisfying!

I am still enjoying my daily walk to and from school with the children. Reminders of spring are everywhere, even though the weather today is a turn back towards winter. Here is another tree in blossom we walk past every day:



Anonymous Brigid said...

I remember my beret being christened as well. I think I still have it somewhere... I've been thinking of knitting a beret and that looks a good pattern.

2:08 PM  
Blogger Mindy said...

The kids look so cute doing their ballet!

2:53 PM  
Anonymous Linda said...

Loved the beret Ingrid and the ballet photos made me feel very nostalgic! I had to wear a panama hat to school and some boy wrote a rude word on it in indelible pen. See you soon.

7:27 PM  
Anonymous Sabine said...

How enchanting! Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures. Teriffic beret.

10:06 PM  
Blogger HPNY Knits said...

the children look radiant! cute. lovely blossoms. thanks for sharing.

4:38 AM  

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