Thursday, June 21, 2007

Where does the time go?

Another week gone in a flash and little blogging has been going on here. When I haven't been working, I have been helping out with some reading at school, and doing all the usual "mummy" things like taking the children swimming, tackling the K2 face of the ironing mountain and generally straightening out the chaos at home. Today I am having a catch-up day but have work arriving later to be turned round by tomorrow too! And all that is before I go on a school trip tomorrow morning with Ellen's class.

There has, however, been late night and early morning knitting. I finally finished my secret knitting - and here is a clue - any guesses?

All will be revealed soon. I have just wrapped it up and sent it off to Melanie in Canada, my secret pal this time round. Hope she likes it!

And I have nearly finished the back of Beau and am still knitting the first side of Clementine. I have also been distracted by thoughts of something Kris mentioned in an email:

Again, I hadn't really paid much attention to the Montego Bay scarf by Amy Singer when I saw it in Interweave Knits (is it just me?!), but having seen it here I thought, mmmm, that looks good. I am tempted...but must finish something first (although I have yet another present I need to make for someone and this just might be the perfect project)... so much to knit, so little time...

Once Beau is done, I want to get on with some knitting for Brigid's appeal for Kisiizi Hospital in Uganda, which needs clothes for babies. I want to knit some things for that and Stash are collecting the clothes for Brigid to pick up. The deadline is the end of August, so if anyone else fancies contributing something, all garments are gratefully received.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Agent Zigzag

Not much blogging may have been going on but there has been some knitting. I have started a jumper for our heroic Knitpicks courier (who has a special birthday coming up) and have made fair progress up the back. I am a bit worried about finishing this on time, however - I have only a month to do it and it is a big project (I am knitting a 44" size and have to add on for height too!):

And I have been distracted by other things. Kris, my secret pal from SP8, very kindly ordered this yarn from Knitpicks for me, which her parents brought over to her in Germany, and then she posted them on to me. Even with all the postage they were very reasonably priced!

I am full of ideas for this lovely yarn, but still have not yet decided what to make.

Kris has started a podcast (which is very entertaining - tune in if you get a chance!) and on the podcast blog I saw this. When I saw the Clementine Shawlette by Michele Rose Orne in Interweave Knits I just glanced at it. It didn't really grab me as the picture didn't really do it justice:

But once I had seen Elemm modelling it I couldn't help casting on:

This is a great knit. It is knitted in two halves and then grafted together. I have finished the shaping at the tie end for one half of it and am now motoring along on the body. As you may have gathered I have a thing for chevrons, and this fits the bill perfectly:

I am using Amelia DK weight yarn from Posh Yarn which is lovely to knit with and I just love the way the colours are coming out. I am knitting this for my Rowan Exchange gift - I hope my knittee likes it! Although she says she is unsure about variegated yarns (she says they always look better on the skein than knitted up), I think this will convert her - it is so pretty!

Talking of chevrons, have you seen this in the new knitty? I so want to knit it - for Ellen and Lily. It is so cute. I am quite tempted to make one for me too, but don't think it would be very flattering!

I have been working extra hours, which will continue throughout June, but there are compensations, as I sometimes come home along the towpath, which is always a great cycle (despite the midges!). This photo is a bit gloomy - it was raining on the way home last night - but gives a taste of the tranquillity:

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Safe arrival

My ISE4 scarf has arrived safely with Kristen! Check out her blog to see the entry on its arrival! I am so pleased she likes it! I have really enjoyed this exchange and loved getting together the parcel for her, which I can post here now she's got it:

As well as the scarf, I sent some cashmere/merino yarn in a toffee colour, a copy of Yarn Forward, a copy of Taking the Chequered Flag by Lucy Neatby (Kristen is a knitwear designer so I wanted to give her something useful that she might not have read), some tea from Orange Pekoe, a charming tea shop near where I live, and I also included some Green and Black's almond chocolate (how could I resist - it is my favourite!) and a toy for her cat! I've had great fun with this exchange, and am already looking forward to the next one!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Stormy weather

We arrived back from Devon yesterday, predictably coming home in bright sunshine after a week of very mixed weather. Sunshine and showers were the order of the day, with some high winds thrown in for good measure. The sea was wild at times, but I love it when it is crashing on to the shoreline:

We did have some sunshine which meant time on the beach for the children, which they loved. The coastal reinforcements at Lyme Regis have finished and there is now a good deal of sand to play in around the harbour:

I love Lyme, with its pretty houses along the seafront:

Last year when we went to Lyme there was a wool shop, A Stitch in Lyme, and I was disappointed to find that this had closed down, although it is now on the internet as InTo Knit, stocking Bergere de France and Opal yarns.

On wetter days we visited some nearby attractions, and I think my favourite was Forde Abbey, a beautiful former medieval monastery with lovely gardens:

It boasts the highest powered fountain in England, which shoots up water to a height of 160 feet. The spray travels a long way!

Well-fed chickens roam the grounds, which here are sheltering from yet another shower (clever things!):

We visited the fabulous Riverside Restaurant at West Bay on a stormy Sunday, and had an exhilarating walk on the beach to work up an appetite:

Because my mum was with us I managed to get lots of knitting done in the evenings and yesterday evening finished off the Debbie Bliss cardigan. I could have finished it on holiday but had not taken a brown ball of yarn with me as I was undecided about the trim. In the end I decided to do the contrast trim and am really pleased with the result:

How cute is that? This was a lovely knit, made lovelier by the fact that some Addi Lace needles I had ordered from Get Knitted arrived the day we left so I knitted most of it on those. They are great to work with - smooth, pointy and make manoeuvring stitches easy.

Sabine asked me whether I had seen Saartje's adorable bootee pattern and of course I checked out Saartje's blog for a peek. How could I resist?

My friend's baby will be well kitted out now and I am done well before the deadline for her C-section! And now I need to finish my mystery knitting and get on with a jumper for James, master purveyor of Knitpicks Options, who has a big birthday coming up in July! I plan to knit Beau again as it worked out so well for Paul:

I have lots of other knitting plans in my head, and also need to decide on what to knit for this year's Rowan exchange. I'll keep you posted...