Friday, July 20, 2007

Rowan Exchange

In a nicely symmetrical bit of timing today, I received a fabulous parcel from Louise, who has been knitting for me in this year's Rowan Exchange. I can't believe how much time and effort she has put into the parcel - it is fabulous. First, I am now the proud possessor of a Diamond Fantasy shawl, knitted in a lovely silk/cashmere mix:

And as if that was not enough, Louise also made the Forest Canopy shawl:

And she included hand cream and chocolate - I am so spoiled!

Thank you so much Louise - I love everything and really appreciate the huge amount of time you have put into the exchange for me. I shall wear them with pride!

Because the weather was unbelievable today - torrential downpours, thunder and lightning for hours - I spent a lot of the day knitting as I turned off the computer just in case, with so much electrical activity outside! I finally finished the Clementine shawlette, and am delighted with how this turned out. The yarn (from Posh Yarn) has knitted up beautifully, with a lovely evenness of colours. Here is Lily modelling it for me in a brief moment of sunshine this afternoon:

And here is an arty shot on the wall:

and another of Lily:

I would knit this again - it really has turned out well and I think it will be a useful addition to my Rowan Exchangee's wardrobe. I hope she likes it!

I heard from James today and Beau fits and he loves it, so I am thrilled. He said it was the only bespoke gift he received and that the last jumper anyone knitted for him was a purple mohair one knitted by his granny in the 1970s! I am so delighted it fits and that he likes it! What a relief!

My yarn for the baby jumper has not yet arrived so that is on hold but I am planning my knitting to take to Paris and am going to take an old project (remember this?)

and a new one. I am planning on taking the Montego Bay scarf to knit. I see Kris has started hers - and it is looking great! And have you seen her gorgeous Vista Mare socks - I hope she does put the pattern up - they are simply beautiful!


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