Thursday, August 16, 2007

More baby knitting

In between entertaining the children - here they are (with a friend) on the slide at Horton Park Children's Farm:

and on the big swing at Palewell Park:

I have been catching up with more baby knitting in the past week and finished another kimono in the lovely pink and green (very trendy, I gather) Artyarns supermerino for Ellen's Year 2 teacher who has just had her first baby. It is so cute!

I have also put the yarn left over from Clementine to good use - it was enough to make a baby hat for Brigid's appeal:

I have now heard from Anne, the recipient of Clementine, and she loves it - phew! I am so glad it has arrived safely and that she likes it!

This round of Secret Pal I have already heard from my new upstream pal and have been in touch with my downstream pal, so I am excited about the possibilities over the next few months.

Today has been spent in a packing frenzy as I am off to the Isle of Wight with the children tomorrow - I have unearthed the fishing nets, beach mats and beach tent; done some food shopping, finished the ironing and sent back some work; and, most of all, fretted about what knitting to take and what books to bring too. I plan to finish all my baby knitting on the go - yet more kimonos (I do hope I'm not boring you - but it is such a lovely pattern). I am hoping I might find a yarn shop or two while I'm there but have packed enough to keep me busy for far longer than the week we are going for! I doubt that I'll be able to blog from there, so I'll see you all in a week! Let's hope the weather bucks up its ideas!


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