Friday, September 14, 2007

Circle of friends

The past couple of days Edward has been very under the weather and is off school again today, so not much knitting has been happening. I have today managed to get my work done which has been on an overnight turnaround and am now going to keep him company while tackling the ironing mountain that seems to have erupted while I have been working so much this week. As I haven't made much progress on anything the past couple of days, here are some photos I took of the blanket we knitters at Stash made for Nic's new baby, Pete (formerly known as Peanut), which I can safely blog about now that it has arrived (thanks, Jill!). We used the Joelle Hoverson Circle of Friends baby blanket pattern from Last-minute Knitted Gifts but didn't have enough of all the yarns to follow it exactly, so came up with this variation:

Mary crocheted beautifully around the edge:

And little Pete seems to like it! It was lovely doing this project with a group of people. We planned it and gave everyone a diagram and a little kit with the yarns they would need so that seven of us knitted seven strips and then sewed them together at Stash one Wednesday morning before giving it to Mary, who did such a great job of finishing it. A fun project and a lovely gift.


Anonymous Nathalie said...

Matthieu sleeps under his circle of friends blanket every night. It is such an amazing blanket! I'm sure Pete will love his just as much.

8:30 AM  
Anonymous Brigid said...

Thanks for showing the blanket - I had no idea how our strips fitted together!

8:54 AM  
Blogger littlelixie said...

I've seen it in action and it really is lovely - what an excellent gift!

4:43 PM  

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