Friday, September 21, 2007

Headless chicken

This week, I feel a bit overwhelmed by everything that needs doing and hardly know where to start. So, I figured that I would write this entry and try to get some order in my life afterwards! I have had unexpected extra work this week, which means that my plans to sort things out at home have gone awry yet again and I am feeling as though I have so many things that need doing that I cannot start anything. I even feel that way about my knitting! I keep looking at my knitting plans for September and feeling like I am making very little progress. I have finished something, though. Nic has now received this, so here is the kimono (yes, another one - I can do them in my sleep now!) I knitted for Pete:

I did make it to Stash to knit this week and was delighted when Nic came in in person with Pete. I didn't have my camera, but Pete was surrounded by adoring women the whole time he was there - he is gorgeous!

I have also been playing around with ideas for the school Christmas fair and have just made these flowers which I think would be popular. I knitted these two in Regia sock yarn, which I think is so pretty. I have adapted them from a Nicky Epstein pattern. I have a couple of questions for you - do you think it is OK to sell them just with safety pins, or do you think I need to get proper badge pins (which will add to the expense of making them)? And how much do you think we should sell them for? Here they are on their own:

and on my cardigan as a corsage:

I have also starting teaching a friend to knit and while we were at the local yarn shop, I couldn't resist this Regia Kaffe Fassett yarn - it was great to see it in person and see the colours for real:

This week has been busy at school. After-school clubs have started up, as has homework, and I am struggling to fit everything in! Before the onslaught of the week, Paul was working last Sunday and I did manage some fresh air at the Wetlands Centre with the children. The flowers lend beautiful colour:

and I have always liked this slate:

The tranquillity such spaces bring make me wonder what I am doing in such a big city sometimes, but at least I have the escape of such urban wildness close by.


Blogger kasiaiscarly said...

Hello - What size did you knit the kimono? I'm trying to figure out dimensions for sizing it up to a 12mo size. Any suggestions?

12:21 PM  

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