Thursday, September 13, 2007

Oh the temptation!

I finally made it to Stash this week - on Monday night I went to do some knitting for Brigid's appeal. I took along all those kimonos I've been making and I didn't quite finish the final thing I was knitting, but have now finished my last hat and it is ready to be posted off to Brigid:

And yesterday I finally made it to the knitting group. There were only four of us there: me, Fiona, Jacquie, and Lesley, but it was lovely to see everyone and Michelle and Diane, and catch up with what was new at the shop. In fact, the new yarn was so tempting that I couldn't help myself and have bought yarn for three projects! I have had my eye on this pattern from Magknits and there was a new colourway of Koigu just in:

Buoyed up by the knowledge that I had my birthday voucher to spend, somehow I managed to justify to myself the cost of the yarn (it is so luscious, I didn't take that much persuading), and went a bit crazy:

The Dream in Color (on the left) is to make a shrug for my sister for her birthday and the Misti Alpaca (the red yarn in the middle) is to start my Christmas knitting - yes, more scarves beckon!

On my September goals I am making some progress although, in typical fashion, my plans have gone awry this week. I managed to finish the journal I was working on on Monday and then was in the office all day Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon and evening, and my grand plans to sort out the house post-summer holidays and catch up with the many tasks I need to get on with have been thwarted as Edward had a wakeful night and was feeling very unwell this morning. So, he is off school and my plans are still on hold! Maybe tomorrow...

The Koigu was so irresistible, and was calling to me from my bag, that I simply couldn't help knitting my tension square last night - and I might even have to cast on tonight, although I am trying to decide whether to change the bottom edge of the cardigan and have something different from the rolled edge...but here is how the yarn is knitting up:


I am trying to be good and, as they say, stick to my knitting (for September!), but the temptation might just prove too much. Watch this space!


Blogger Ling said...

It's so easy to be tempted by yummy yarns. As you know, I was tempted too. I'm looking forward to the progress on the Koigu cardigan.

8:59 PM  
Anonymous Brigid said...

I'm going into Stash tomorrow to look at that Koigu! Looking forward to seeing the hat, and thank you again for the lovely kimonos.

8:32 AM  
Anonymous Sabine said...

Dear Ingrid,
I have had a look at Stash's website and I can hardly wait to see the shop and all its goodies. (I will have to bring an empty suitcase and all our savings). I am rather in awe that you can go there and not return with bags full of yarn.
The cardigan is lovely, especially in that colorway. Will you make the deep neckline, or will you change that? I would probably do the neckband as bottom cuff. I think that would look lovely. You may need a facing, but you could try whether it will stay put and if it doesn't add the hem afterwards.
Hope Edward feels better soon.

8:50 AM  
Anonymous Jill said...

Very pleased to see you have bought yarn to make yourself something, Ingrid, you do so much knitting for other people. I have done panels of that bramble stitch (known as blackberry stitch to me!) in aran sweaters - you might need to do a swatch in that stitch as well as stocking stitch.....

4:21 PM  
Anonymous Fiona said...

Lovely to see you on Wednesday after what seems like such a long break.
I haven't worked out yet what I'll do with my skeins of the Koigu( except getting it out and admiring!)
The sample you've knitted up looks so gorgeous though - I'll definitely be checking out patterns this weekend

9:26 PM  
Blogger katrina218 said...

Did you visit the knitting group you mention on you visit to Tunbridge Wells? If so where does it meet and when?

Kind regards

6:22 PM  

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