Thursday, November 01, 2007

November planning

So, how did my plans for October go?
I wanted to
1. Finish the shrug for my sister's birthday. Done! And she loved it - success!
2. Do 10 repeats of Birch on the shawl for the school raffle. Done! I finished all the knitting on this on Tuesday and now need to block it before giving it to the school, so I'm really pleased with my progress.
3. Knit 10 flowers for the school fair. Not done - experimented with designs and I now know what I'm doing, so I've knitted around 5 - a start.
4. Start scarf for ISE5. Done! But I need to get cracking on this to get it in the mail on time! Will show pictures soon!
5. Start gift for Secret Pal. Done! I have started another Clementine which I think will be a relatively fast knit. I hope so as I want to get it in the post in two weeks' time!

My plans for November are a bit ambitious:
1. Make a poncho by Sunday for one of Lily's friends - eek!
2. Finish Clementine for Secret Pal and post final parcel by the 15th.
4. Finish scarf for ISE5 and mail.
5. Knit 20 hair decorations and 20 corsages for the school fair. Other people are helping with the knitting too but I need to get these under way or it will be a panic.
6. Start Forest Canopy shawl (thank you, Jill, for this recommendation!) in the gorgeous Casbah Dorene gave me.
7. Block and donate Birch to school.

Looking at that list it all seems a bit scary as I also have a book and a journal to edit and the Christmas shopping to do! At least there is this to look forward to...can't wait!


Anonymous dawn said...

You've done so well with October, and I know that you'll manage November, once you get into the swing of things. That Forest Canopy practically knits itself and is so fast!

12:02 AM  

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