Monday, November 12, 2007

Time is not on my side

This month seems to be flying by and when I am not with the children or working I seem to be running around sorting out the house and frantically knitting for the school fair. The corsages are coming on, although they are quite time-consuming and I am trying not to think about how much time they are taking in relation to how much we will raise for the school. I am having fun choosing the buttons for the centres, though, and am pleased with the results:

I managed to make a poncho for Lily's friend, which was a popular gift, but then Lily also had a great time at the party, which involved a trip to the cinema to see Ratatouille and a meal at Pizza Express (lucky girl!):

In between all the chores and general chaos I received a lovely parcel through the post. My ISE5 pal surprised me (and put me to shame - I am still knitting the scarf for my pal!) by sending my scarf just in time for all this cold weather we've been having:

Thanh has knitted a beautiful scarf in baby alpaca and it is gorgeously soft to wear, and a great colour - I just love it. Also in the parcel were all sorts of goodies, including a fabulous Burt's Bees hand-care kit, some lovely stitch markers that Thanh made, some cute teapot decorations:

and, because she is in Florida, a seashell Christmas ornament and some shells from the beach, which I just love:

The scarf is so pretty with a lovely lace pattern:

Thank you so much Thanh - I feel thoroughly spoiled!

I did manage to get to the iknit stitch'n'bitch day on Saturday, where there were plenty of stalls offering temptation and I bought some gorgeous hemp yarn from House of Hemp. But, before casting on a new project I am determined to finish off some longstanding projects and I am still working hard on my November goals. I want to finish Clementine this week and then I want to finish the scarf I am knitting for my ISE5 partner. I am snowed under with work too and after taking time out on Saturday had one of those Sundays that seems to revolve entirely around chores - cooking, cleaning and ironing. Still, it was worth it to bunk off on Saturday to be with Jill, Linda, Mary, Jill and Jacinta, and to spend a day fondling yarn!


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