Sunday, January 27, 2008

Distracted from knitting

Sabine sent me a fantastic parcel just after new year and just look what was in it! I am now the proud owner of this sheep-dog:

and these gorgeous, just-my-colour twisted-stitch gauntlets:

They are just beautiful, and fit perfectly - thank you so much Sabine!

It has been so dark and gloomy lately that I have been struggling to take decent photos. There are some better photos on Sabine's blog here.

As Sabine knows, I have been well and truly distracted from my knitting this month. In the second week of January I was offered a full-time job and had several days of anxious decision-making while I decided what to do. Sabine and I had a very helpful email exchange which was very useful in clarifying my thoughts. It is fantastic opportunity for me and I am thrilled at the chance but also very daunted at the prospect of going back to full-time employment (I haven't had a full-time job for almost 10 years!) and anxious about not being with the children so much. I had reached quite a good balance of work and home, with two days out of the house and the rest of the time freelancing at home, but my work patterns have always tended to be rather erratic and deadlines never respected school holidays. I always ended up working at weekends and in the evenings and hate having work around the house too.

After much agonising I have decided to give the job a go. I think I would be crazy to turn it down and I also think that it will be very good in terms of future prospects for me, career-wise, and for the children in terms of their future too. I will be earning more, but my main motivation for doing it is to get back into the world of work in management terms and to help secure my long-term prospects in terms of pension and so on. I figure that if I don't take it, I will always wonder about it and if it all proves to be wrong for the family, then I can always change my mind. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

So, I have spent the past few weeks refurbishing my wardrobe and getting a working wardrobe together, tracking down my P45 from my last job (it has been filed away for a decade!) and alternately panicking and feeling excited. I start at the end of February so have a bit of time to finish off my last freelance projects and sort out childcare and a new routine for us all.

In the midst of my angst I have been knitting - and finding it a great comfort. I have made two berets, a lovely brown one in Knitpicks Shimmer. Here is the gratuitous shot of the nub (I can't resist!):

And a blue one in Lorna's Laces Sport (colour Icehouse) for another friend:

and again, the nub (so cute!):

I didn't manage to finish Daphne's baby cape from Knit 2 Together in time for the 12th but finally finished it this week. Pictures in my next post!


Blogger twigletqueen said...

Love the colours on that blue beret! Congratulations on your new job, I hope it goes well.

7:55 PM  
Blogger Lesley Bruce said...

Very many congratulations on the job, Ingrid. We'll miss you dreadfully on Wednesday mornings but I'm sure it's the right thing to do. It'll be the beginning of a whole new era.

10:45 PM  
Anonymous Monica Silva said...

I just had to write how B E A U T I F U L that blue knitting yarn is. The Ocean, ice cubes, and sea waves come to mind.

3:36 AM  

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