Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring things

Well, my new full-time job is taking up most of my time, particularly as the Easter week is always the worst week of the year on a weekly (the only time when we have two bank holidays and do not do a double issue, as we do at Christmas). Still, I am thoroughly enjoying being back in the role, even though it feels simultaneously alien and familiar. Already I have done three issues, so time is flying by.

I am finding time to knit on the train, but have not managed to photograph any of my knitting yet! I have signed up for ISE6 and am excited to have got my match, so am already planning what to make. I love the look of this. I am confident I'll be able to make something in time as I do manage to do some knitting while in transit.

I am pressing on with the shawl for school and hope to finish that this weekend (I need to!). My goals for February have been abandoned, and my goals for March have passed me by, but I plan to give myself this month to settle into work and then try to post more regularly next month. At the moment I am working quite long hours but hope things will settle down after Easter.

The children are doing OK, although they have had a few wobbles and I have had some guilty moments. But, I hope they will adapt and that we will all get used to it. I think we all need to try this new routine for at least a few months before we know how it is going. It is great having all my work in one place and not having my days so fragmented - I like having clear blocks of time devoted to work and home. I also like not having work cluttering up the house. In many ways it makes things more straightforward. But it obviously means I cannot be there for everything too. I did make it to Ellen's swimming gala heats to watch her compete (and Paul took her to the finals this week - she came fourth in her race - I am so proud!). Another mum kindly took her and then I met them there. Unfortunately my friend had a flat tyre which she realised once she had arrived, so I was able to call the AA and help her get it fixed. To thank me, she gave me the most beautiful posy of roses, which smelled divine:

We have also managed a spring visit to Bockett's Farm, where these two little lambs were being fed by their mum:

and these sweethearts were dozing in their pen. Look, more twins!:

I love spring!