Sunday, January 11, 2009

The weather outside is frightful...

This past week, it has been freezing, even here in London where we are insulated from the worst excesses of the weather. The children went back to school on Monday and when we woke up there was snow on the ground. Reluctance to get out of bed turned to excitement and we had an enjoyable if slippery walk to school. My walk to the station was picturesque:

It really was a winter wonderland:

I have managed a bit of knitting on the train, although the world of work has returned to its usual cycle and things are busy on the trains again, so despite the fares rising 8 per cent, a seat is far from a certainty. I have started a hat for a friend (a belated birthday present) - another Periwinkle beret

I am pleased with how this is coming out, but am also very tempted to knit a slouch beret - there are so many lovely patterns around. I like Porom and Relm from Brooklyn Tweed and I also like Ysolda's Icing Swirl pattern.

In the meantime, I have started some chevrons of my own:

Yesterday, my wonderful local newsagent had a copy of this, a new magazine from Future Publishing. I bought a copy, and I was pleasantly surprised. There are some interesting patterns and it is a move away from the run-of-the-mill knitting magazines that can be so uninteresting. This magazine is also printed on fabulously glossy paper, and feels very different from its competitors. I would say it is aiming more at the Vogue Knitting, Interweave and Rowan magazine market:

It is good to see some new activity in the magazine market, despite the constant economic gloom that seems to permeate every aspect of the media. Good news seems thin on the ground, so I was pleased that Future have chosen to invest in a new publication. It certainly brightened my day!

This weekend, in the spirit of my new decluttering, I had a major assault on Edward and Lily's room and feel so much better now that we have cleared out some things. Lily was very good about going through her things and I feel that the toys they have they will now be able to access more easily. Edward too was able to decide that there were toys he no longer needed, and so we managed to give a load to a local charity shop. I felt worn out afterwards, but very pleased with the end result. There is a lot more I want to achieve. I figure that if moving is not an option then we can make the house feel bigger by sorting out everything in it!


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Sounds like a great new magazine. Your winter wonderland is wonderful.

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