Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Last week, when there was lots of snow, I saw this on the roof of the fifth floor at the office:

The colleague I was talking to took a photo - I am sure things like this don't happen that often. I am always astonished by what is around us if we only look. A perfect heart in the snow! Isn't nature amazing - the snow must have melted this way over the manhole cover and it looked beautiful. Happy Valentine's Day!

I have been knitting quite a bit but have been flirting with too many projects to have much to show for it. The one project I have finished are these lovely Berry Hill mitts, using this pattern, for a friend who does a lot of ice skating.

She gets cold hands and I thought these would be perfect! She can express herself artistically and stay warm at the same time. She has red hair and wears a lot of green so I loved this colour for her. The pattern was lovely to knit and the yarn I used, Possum Paints from Jamie Possum, was gorgeously soft. It did shed a bit while I was knitting, but the mitts are soft and luxurious and once knitted up the yarn did not seem to shed too badly. The mitts are so cosy:


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Anonymous Jennifer said...

Loved the heart in the snow!

11:31 AM  
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